Message from the Secretary

I am very much proud to present the 2014-15 Annual Report, reporting on activity that were undertaken that will have an impact well into the future. Before going through my statement I like to remind all that Human Rights issues have come to be recognized as international issues. Man not only has a right to live but has a right to live with dignity. Promotion and Protection of Human Rights are essential for the peace, development, prosperity of the society. The questions of equality, equity, and equal opportunities are also important issues. The selection of Kailash Satyarthi and Malala for the Nobel Peace Prize has once again highlighted the importance of Human Rights in modern society. This is our inspiration. We share our deepest sense of gratitude to them.


BAGNAN HUMAN RURAL DEVELOPMNT SOCIETY(BHRDS) , a government registered non-profit science oriented organization is about a decade and more in the field of social, education and health welfare of people helping people in need It is mainly targeted the population belonging to Backward and Muslim(minority) in both rural and urban area of West Bengal with special needs to find the path of social justice and equity. It extended its effort in the Block of Amta-I & II, Bagnan-I & II, Uluberia-I and Uluberia Municipality of Howrah and slums & pavements of Kolkata. It is catering continuously the efforts for rehabilitation of children in difficult circumstances, health awareness as right to the backward poor for their healthy survival. Secondly the organiation is always in force to strengthen the institutional care through its referral services. The empowerment of women and youth is a vital aims and it is also based on the training of different trades as alternative livelihood. In the way of this journey the organization has been capable to build up an impression through interaction and assistance from the government agencies of both state and central. Therefore, we convey our sincere thanks to all of our well-wishers and the population who are with us and would be with us through extending their helping hand with support and co-operation.

Sk. Altab Ali