About Us

Objective of the Organization:-

The basic objectives of BHRDS are manifested through its activities, like: -

  • Preach sympathy, fellow felling and building up unity among the followers of different religion and develop a sense of social and religious toleration.
  • Improve the economic including Education, Public Health and other related development works of the locality.mic, moral and social status of the people.
  • Assist the people in exploring employment opportunities through entrepreneurship development programmes and promotion of vocational training institutions/centres.
  • Irrespective of gender, encourage the youths towards various small scale industries’ schemes, by imparting scientific training. BHRDS also encourage them in taking up poultry farming, bee, honey, jam, jelly, fruit processing, doll making, village pottery, soap making and other works to attain self sufficiency and financial independence.
  • BHRDS help this section to collect Government grants, donations and subscriptions for the purpose of the society and to procure funds, loans, grants etc.
  • Assist the poor and distressed people during the hour of need.
  • Help the, sick, helpless and financially weaker section of the community.
  • Construct, maintain, improve, develop and alter any building and other related works necessary or convenient for the use of the society.
  • To do such other things as may be deemed incidental or necessary for the attainment of the foregoing objects.
  • Universal enrolment of all children including girls, using both full-time formal school and part-time non-formal arrangements with a view to reduce the school dropout rates.
  • Introducing and helping the children to minimum level of learning to through introduction of innovative children education method, reducing the load of their school bags.
  • Advocacy and mobilization for promoting education amongst weaker section and minority community people of this city.
  • Convergence for optimal utilization of resources for maximum impact for the benefit of the society in general and for the weaker section in particular.

Legal Status:-

  • Registered with Societies Registration Act 1961
  • Registered with Foreign Contribution Regulation Act
  • Registered with Income Tax PAN Service
  • Registered with 80 ‘G’ of the Income Tax Act
  • Registered with 12A of the Income TAX Act
  • Registered with NGO Partnership System, Planning Commission, Government of India
  • Registered under the Persons with Disability Act, 2005

Target Group

BHRDS has been working in the following target group:-

  • Children hailing from under privileged community of rural and urban area.
  • Women belonging to minority and backward community victims of social and economical paradigm.
  • Youths in needs.
  • Older population in distressed.

Area of Operation

It extended its effort in the Block of Amta-I & II, Bagnan-I & II, Uluberia-I and Uluberia Municipality of Howrah and slums & pavements of Kolkata.